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Suai Thai Massage Training Center in Phuket, Thailand

Thai massage and Thai yogaTraining Center for foreigner.

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   @ Thai Traditional Massage 150h Training Package (5 weeks) : 50,000B
   @ Oct and Nov 2018 , Thai Massage Basic Course 5 days :    7,000 B

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1. Thai Traditional Massage Training
2. Spa therapy
3. Foot Reflexology
4. Rusie Dutton Yoga

Kata beach in phuketcape of phuket

Our school is Thai massage and spa training center for foreigners. The classes are given in English and in
Japanese in addition of Russian book. We arrange class in small group practical system and private in order for
beginners to acquire massage skills within a short time under close supervision. We provide training course
that you can acquire advanced massage skills in a regulation time and also provide therapist training course
that you can expect yourself to learn deeply and improve rapidly (in Phuket ,Thailand). We are proud of our
curriculum that it will let you study easily regardless of your experiences. Our programs are designed not only
for beginners also the people with experience. Membership card and the certification of the completion
authorized by Thai government will be given to hose who successfully whole program.

Our training are including basic learning contents, various stretching technique, various symptom reduction
technique, the Royal massage style, Northern Thailand style Tok-Sen, Prakrob Samunprai (herb ball compress),
Using Balm, manual therapeutics, chiropractic method (Adjustment spine and pelvis), deeply understanding of
SEN (Energy line in our body), and Thai massage theory in English.

An attendance student comes for study from a beginner to an experienced person with confident from all
around the world.

Our Mission
To be the leader of  massage training center in southeast asia which produce high skill and confidence
graduate for supporting health career.

Our Vision
To be the training center that dedicated for student future. Our classes are valuable and worthwhile.

Traditional Thai Massage
In addition to TTMS style, Royal style, and ChiangMai style, we teach several kinds of massage inThailand.
Lectures with enough experiences will offer you high-level massage programs. Moreover we are providing
massage instructor training program that will certainly help you improve your skills. We have an intructor
training course as well.

Massage training of the suai thai massage schoolMemorial photo with completed studentsStretching of the Thai massage

Rusie Dutton Yoga
We teach Rusie Dutton (Thai yoga) which compose of 150 postures of exercise.The expert teacher teach in
the way of yoga happily and in deeply detail. There is the massage exercise to do by oneself in our Rusie
Dutton Yoga.

Many reseach from academic part prove that Rusie Dutton is good for everybody especilly elder person due to
the posture is perfect for making a balance of body and  flexible.

The Posture have an effect for a headache, the stiffness of the neck, stiff shoulder, low back pain, pedialgia
and fatigue. In addition, an effect of the curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic
etc. and there is the exercise that can coordinate a physical distortion by oneself.  

Master Yuuki who have long time experience in both India yoga and Rusie Dutton Yoga will teach you clearly.
We have a Thai massage teacher training course as well.(Instructor course)
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Foot Reflexology
Our school is the school which can attend foot reflexology technically. Attendance student learns the 65
reflective zone and point of the foot and sole finely.

It learn the details unlike the foot massage in the reflexology.

Spa Massage
Our school has a various kind of spa massage technique. Our expert teacher who had long experience (at least
6 years) in 5 star hotel will teach you in English.

We teach spa therapy for example Indian head, facial, various oil massage,hot stone, lomi lomi, Thai Herb
pounch etc.

Student can learn a lot of techniques within 1-month total spa therapist training course
your can work with confidence and good skill after training.
aroma therapy coursescrub, mask couesetraining of foot reflexology

Address :
Suai Thai Massage Training Center / Suai Thai Massage School
46/342 Moo 6, Phrabarami Rd, T.Kathu, Kathu, Phuket (Near the Tiger Kingdom)
Phone 076-611-120
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