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Sightseeing of Phuket and various activities

There are many activity around our school. Our students can enjoy these activity.(Kathu

*Patong Beach
 Parasailing, Banana Board, Marine Bike, Snorkeling

*Tiger Kingdom
 Tiger Zoo. You can touch Tiger.

*Patong Go-Kart Speedway

*Phuket Kart

*Kathu Elephant Trekking
 Elephant Trekking

*Flying Hanuman
 Tarzan rope

*Jungle Bungee Jump
 Bungee Jump

*Kathu Water Market (Building Now)
 Shopping on the boat

Other Area in Phuket

Big Buddha                     Temple

The Big Buddha is a tourist attraction of the Chalong area. It is looked at a Buddhist
image of the 40M grade from our school. Wat Chalong is the temple which is famous as
main chaitya in southern Thailand.

Ko Khai                            Ko PhiPhi

Beautiful tropical fish gather in the step in the Ko Khai. You can fun when you take bread.
Obvious Phiphi Island is a side of Phuket.

White sand Beach                 Island tour

Kata beach which is the most beautiful beach in Phuket is approximately 5km from our
school. Many people come in the large beach of this white and small sand. You can go
there by bus (30B) or morter bike.
There is a pier on foot from the school just 10 minutes, and many boats anchor.
There is Ao Chalong pier on foot from the school just 10 minutes and many boats anchor.
It is very convenient for trip around the islands sightseeing because a departing ship
appears from here to Phiphi Island and many islands.Ao Chalong is the area where there
are most lots of scuba diving shop in Phuket.

Scuba diving                    Snorkeling

There are much diving spots and snorkeling point in the Andaman Sea and the Phiphi
Island neighboring.

Surfin                         Paraglider and Parasailing

There are many tourists who come for surfing because a big wave occurs in the Kata Noi
You can enjoy much marine sports other than a paraglider, parasailing, marine motorcycle,
a banana board in Phuket.

Trekking, Waterfall                View from the mountain

Nature of Phuket is not only the sea. There are many mountains in Phuket and can enjoy
trekking. There are multiple waterfalls that is not it greatly too. How will be meditation
around a waterfall. In addition, the seascape of Phuket to see from the mountain is

Cape                            Aquarium & Zoo

A beautiful cape of the scenery is in Phuket and is one of the tourist attractions. There is
an aquarium and the zoo and many people come.

Big Shopping Mall                Night Bazarl

Central department store in Phuket town and Robinson in Patton are very big shopping
malls. It keeps various quality.
Chaofa night bazarl (Saturday and Sunday night). Can buy many low price clothes.

ATV & Buggy                   Go-Cart
There are many attractions in our area (Chalong). You can enjoy ATV, Buggy, a go-cart,
Gun shooting, air Gun, a paintball, the archery, too.

Elephant park and Riding            Muay Thai Jym and Studium

There are plural elephant parks around our schools and can rides an elephant and can
feed it. The child elephants is very lovely. There is the snake show in near the school, too.
There are multiple Muay Thai (kick boxing) gims. There is the stadium of the Muay Thai
too and can watch a game of the game of a Thai player and the foreign player too.

Sports Club                     Cable Jangle Adventure.
There is a fitness gym in the place of 3 minutes on foot from our schools. You can join it
with low charge.
You can enjoy in the mountain in Phuket.

Phuket Food

Somtam Poo Maa (Fresh blue crab and papaya salad), And Pak Miyan (Local fried
vegetable) Aroi !!
There are lots of Seafood restrant and vegetarian restaurant in Phuket. Seafood of
Phuket are very fresh and taste good.

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