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Various Oil Massage Course

The abundant curriculum of the lesson that you can learn from the beginner as well as the experienced person too.
Our contents bring up a person who can step in and do a good job any time which you can learn about carefully things and can expect for early progressive.
It is the spa school which you can easily understand an upper level of spa massage technique in regular time.
Our lesson class system is in the small numbers of student and curriculum is suitable for the progression in the short term.
Course are taught in English
All course ,practical examinations need to be completed by each student
5 day lesson will start with technique of the massage for 2 days and other 2 days practical. Then we have a test at last day.
All course teach about towel wraping,preparation room and products
Our student will receive a certificate which completed a training course when student pass our practical test.

 Aroma Massage (Basic Thai Oil Massage) Course :

This massage is a basic oil massage of the spa. A relaxation effect is high and learns the knowledge of several kinds of aroma oil.
・ Basic knowledge of the spa massage
・ Massage techniques is performed by following the SEN of Thai massage
・ High relaxation effect and a slowly movement with a soft feeling
・ How to using the essential oils to treat body and mind
・ The attendance completion person becomes the level that work is possible

Swedish Massage Course :

The massage method that added Thai SEN to European standard massage-style and arranged.
When a Thai therapist works abroad, attendance is required and course that needs pass the test and a certificate of the Thai Department of Labor
・ Hacking, Choppng, Cupping techniques
・ The skills for working on muscle and fat also a cellulite
・ The massage approach that is slightly more stronger than aroma massage

Facial Course :

Student learn various facial technique
・ How to remove the makeup
・ Facial scrub
・ How to press point of the face
・ Pore reduction
・ Lymphatic massage technique
・ Lift a wrinkle, slack and improve
・ Smooth finger-style
・ Massage to raise the corners of the mouth
・ Facial mask
・ Leaves you feeling refreshed, cleansed and balanced

Herb Ball Compress 

Student learn body scrub and mask, how to use herb ball. The herb ball did several kinds of medicinal herb into a parcel ball form to cotton.It is a product of the massage to be handed down in Thailand for a long time.
There are blood circulation promotion, the improvement of the lymphatic flow, reduction of a muscular pain, neuralgia, arthralgia, stiffness, the relaxation effect by the fragrance by warm temperature and the ingredient of the medicinal herb.
・ It help to remind an energy flow again by stretching and a herb ball compress to a body

Scrub and Mask 

・ Remove keratin (dead skin cells), stimulate cell renewal
・ Whitening effect and smooth skin, relaxation at the same time with the body scrub & body mask
・ Moisture, mineral supply, detox effect, tightening of the skin effect with the
body scrub & body mask

 Indian Head Massage :

Student learn massage of the head using the ancient Indian technique
・ Using the warm coconut oil to nourish the scalp
・ Technique of the Indian head massage is good for stimulate blood circulation relieve headache
・ Retain moisturiser in scalp with coconut oil
・ A massage begins with upper back ,shoulder and neck and primarily focusing on the scalp

Deep Tissue (Sports) Massage Course :

This massage is massage for a person who are meatiness and the athlete. It will be muscle flexibly and remove fatigue materials such as the lactic acid.
・ It is massage-style of the strong pressure basically
・ Student learn basic of deep tissue massage
・ Stroke massage technique due to the forearm
・ Method to operate on for a specific trouble spot intensively
・ The method that I massage while stretching muscle and joint

Lomilomi Massage

A method of traditional healing that ancient Hawaiian who came to Hawaii of the South Pacific went for as medical care.・ Medium pressure and using long stroking movements
・ Using massage techniques with forearm, thumbs and palms, and flow massage
・ Whole body massage with coconut oil

Slimming Massage Course :

This massage is a massage method of the slimming purpose to work on fat and a cell light more than swedish massage
・ It work on fat, a cellulite by stronger approach (Hacking, Choppng, Cupping techniques & other techniques)
・ Work on a cellulite and fat with hot slimming cream and tightening it with cold slimming cream
・ Preparation of the skin with dry brush before the massage cream absorbed skin better
・ The slimming massage is suitable for the care of the woman of the after giving birth help to tighten of the skin

Balinese Massage Course :

The massage that it was fused, and technique of one such as Swedish massage and shiatsu had for classic massage of the Java royal palace origin of Indonesia. The people coming over to Bali increase year by year that, is a massage method spread now in Bali and receives this massage from the countries of the world.
The massage method that there is the deep tissue technique, and is most suitable for relaxation and relieving fatigue.

Hot Stone Massage :

The massage technique using the stone which heated. This massage is a popular in the European spa.
・ Specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones, either as an extension of their own hands
・ Moderate pressure
・ A full body massage using hot stones and oil , also includes the shoulders, face and scalp
・ The warm temperature of the stone is effective in the heat getting rid of a relaxation effect, stress, and untying an effect to help nurse strain, tense muscle
・ How to massage with the hot stone and technique

Herbal Warm Pouch :

It use the thing which wrap several kinds of dry powdery herb in cotton and made a herb ball.
It warm in a candle pot and put a massage oil and massage a body.
A body warms very much, and the blood circulation, a lymphatic flow are improved. It is effective for stiffness and a pain.
An ingredient of the herb comes out little by little, it is good for condition of the skin and is said to be it when there is an effect for the symptom of various women.