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Our school is the school which can attend foot reflexology technically. The attendance student learns the 65 reflective zone and point of the foot and sole finely. It learn the details unlike the foot massage in the reflexology.

We are proud of our curriculum that will let you study easily regardless of your careers.
These substantial programs are useful for not only beginners but also for experienced people who wish to improve more.
We provide massage training course that you can acquire advanced massage skills in a regulation time.

Any lectures are held in a small number of people system considering deeper understanding of students in our schools.
We are offering every student high-level Foot Reflexology.

Our reflexology-style uses the joint of the finger without using the foot massage stick unlike the other Thai massage schools.
It is effective reflexology it has feel pain slightly and feel fine at later.
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Foot Reflexology Basic
This reflexology style use joint of the finger with foot massage cream.
It might bring slight pain but it is really effective technique.
Students are expected to learn where 65 reflective zones of the foot and sole.
・ Foot reflexology 65 zonal learning
・ Classification of the group of the reflective zones
・ Trick of the reflective zones memory
・ Massage of a sole, the instep
・Draw a foot chart on the feet
・ Practical skill test
Foot Reflexology Advanced
・ Energy line of the leg
・ Massage of the thigh,calf, the shin, knee,
・ Time measurement according to the course time
・ Correction of the weak point
・ Secret theory of the reflexology
・ About various Trichophyton fungi (fungus)
・ Viewpoint of the health condition of the sole
・ Massage of an arm, a hand, a neck, a shoulder, the head while sit down on achair
・ Repeated practice for progress
・ Final practical skill test and paper test
・ Homework 10h