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How is the massage school like?
Our school is a school approved by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Health, and the Ministry of Labor.
At the school in Bangkok, the class is given both in English and Japanese language for foreigners.
You will encounter excellent classes and teachers on small class.
You can be well-skilled with a short time.
In 1 and 2 leveled courses, you will learn how to massage in Chiang Mai method including many stretch excises.
While 3 leveled courses will provide you various massage skills used in Thailand,
4 leveled courses provide massage skills called loyal massage (for treatment).
A course to become an assistant instructor is also prepared for applicants.
In 5 leveled courses, participants can extend 5 days without any charge.
Certificate of completion will be given by the Association of Thai Massage approved by Thai government to the graduates. Certificate of completion of 150 hours will be given to those who have completed all 5 leveled courses.

What kind of place is around school?
There is a our schools in the Chalong bay area of Phuket and within walking distance to the sea.
There are a big shopping center and convenience store, restaurant, bank, a lot of pharmacy and clinic nearby our school too.
And you can go to Kata beach and Naihan beach by bus. (35B)
Big Buddha soars to a crowd at the top of the Chalong mountain, and there is several places of the elephant camps in the halfway up a mountain.
Our outskirts are comfortable and very good places with naturally. You can go to the beautiful islands by a boat on a holiday. Please enjoy nature of Phuket by all means.

What is Thai Traditional Medical Services Society (TTMS)?
There are traditional medical societies such as massage and the herbal therapy in Thailand.
TTMS is society of massage and tradition medical of the government authorization in Thailand.
It run a vocational school for Thai low-income person for independence support.
It is society of massage attached to the Phenkhae massage school in Thailand. (Patuntani)

Can I study in a small number of people system class?
When one teacher teaches many students, there are a lot of classmate and seems fun, but the massage is not deep and cannot learn detail too much.
Our school is a small number of people system class. You can study detail of the Thai massage techniques well.
In addition, various types of friends you will have the attendance students because our students come from all the countries of the world.

I can not speak Thai. Is it possible to study?
We give a lessons of the Thai massage, Foot reflexology, Rusie Dutton in English and in Japanese language.
You can join us if you can understand English.

Is it possible apply package course and take a lesson seperately date?
It is possible if you can complete all within 6 months.

Can the Thai massage, Foot reflexology, and Rusie Dutton take lectures on the same day?
Yes. Because Rusie Dutton yoga lesson start early morning time. And Foot reflexology lesson start from after Thai massage lesson.

I am inexperienced person. Can I attend an instructor course?
There are Thai massage and Rusie Dutton yoga instructor course in our school.
Even if both are inexperienced, you can take lectures.

I want to learn Rusie Dutton yoga. But my body is not flexible. Can I join your class?
You do not have to worry. Even if our student is an inflexible body or old one, you can attend Rusie Dutton lesson.
This yoga has a lot of posture but it is not so difficult more than Indian yoga.
You can participate regardless of any people regardless of age or sex.
You can learn the breathing method too. So you will refresh mind and body together.
While you do Rusie Dutton, it is becomes more flexible most.

What’s the difference between Bangkok method (Wat Po method) and Chiang Mai method?
Both originated from the same. However Wat po method was established based on loyal massage which mainly requires finger-pressure with both hands.
It is generally used in temples where the space is limited.
On the other hand, Chain Mail method requires enough kinds of techniques which are more like Thai style.
It also uses single some press method which press with both fingers by turns.
Moreover, we provide unique massage techniques which never can be seen in any Thai massage methods.

Is it possible to improve in a short time?
Our school has many instructors who expert in Thai massage and have the enough experiences of the judges in the competition.
You can learn deeply with small class. Unfortunately, many students can acquire only outward skills because of time limitation actually even though Thailand has lots of massage schools. However our school provides you with quite practical programs which enable you to improve in a short time with between 30 to 150 class hours.
You can also learn Reflexology using your finger joint developed by Reflexology foundation.
The advisor of our school is from this Reflexology foundation.
In these days, reflexology in this method is becoming more popular in Thailand.


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