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Cresit Card Payment

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Group Lesson schedule

Thai Massage Lesson : 09:00-15:00(1 course continuation 5 days)

*Textbook have Russian too.
*Students can start from the basic course

Month 1. TTMS Basic 2. TTMS
3. Advanceed Technique
Elbow,Knee,Foot use
Degree of  Difficulty ☆☆ ☆☆☆
21-25,& From every Monday 28-1 Aug
From every Monday
1-5,& From every Monday 8-12 15-19
From every Monday PrivateLesson Only PrivateLesson Only
3-7,& From every Monday 10-14 17-21
15-19,& From every Monday 22-26 29-2 Jan

Month 4. Symptom Reduction
Royal Massage
5. Pelvis,Spine Adjustment,
Combination Tech, TokSen
Degree of  Difficulty ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆

11-15 18-22
22-26 29-3 Oct
PrivateLesson Only PrivateLesson Only
29-2 Jan 1-5
2018 Jan
5-9 Jan

*The Teacher training package starts from the basic course

TTMS Society Membership card andCertificate and Suai
Thai Massage Training Center Certificate
Person of more than 90 hours completion.
Including advanced techniques. The certificate
from the association is 60h or 150h. We also issue
a certificate from our school

Suai Thai Massage Training Center Certificate

It is issued a certificate to a test passer by Suai Thai Culture Center.
In addition, we issue a member's card of the TTMS society authorization of the Thai government and
the TTMS completion certificate.

Foot Reflexology / Lesson : 15:00-17:00
Lesson schedule
Month 1. Basic 2. Intermediate 3. Advanced
21-24 28-31 -----
----- ----- 4-5
1-4 8-11 15-16
PrivateLesson Only PrivateLesson Only PrivateLesson Only
3-6 10-13 17-18
15-18 22-25 29-30

Suai Thai Massage Training
Center Certificate

It is issued a certificate to a test passer by Suai Thai Massage Training Center.

Rusie Dutton Thai Yoga/ Lesson : 15:00-17:00
Lesson schedule

*Student are able to start lesson from all the day during our lesson period.
*Please join from the first day who want to attend all sessions.

Month Basic Intermediate Advanced
18-19 Jun 23-26 Jun 30- 3 Jul
6-7 11-14 18-21
17-18 22-25 29-2 Oct
-- -- --
19-20 24-27 ----
31-1 Jan ---- 1-4
2017 Jan
-- 5-8 12-15

*The Instructor Qualification
           Certificate when student complete training

Teachers : Experienced lecturers teach
Thai Massage and Rusie Yoga Master : Yuuki            Teacher Rin
    (Masayuki Muranishi / Japanese)                                           (Warinnapat Kaewwiset / Thai)

Master Yuuki learned massage in Thailand and Japan first. And I worked in a massage salon and
massaged many customers while it is the beginning.
I taught a student Thai massage while I opened a own massage salon afterwords.
Then I opened a Thai massage school in Japan and Bangkok in a certain opportunity.
I taught much massage techniques to attendance come from all the countries of the world was raw and
adopted my massage technique by my experience of oneself in Bangkok.
I married a Thai woman and I spend days to teach students Thai massage, Foot Reflexology, Rusie
Dutton Yoga coming from abroad in Phuket now.
I'm teaching happily and slightly strictly for the technical growth of our students sometimes in the
detailed lecture unique to the Japanese.

Hobby: Forex trade and taken care dogs.
Thai Massage and Foot Reflexology career 17 years. Yoga career 30 years. Lecturer career 14 years.
Authorization lecturer of the Thai Traditional Medical Services Society. Visiting Lecturer of the Rajabhat
Phuket University. Rusie Dutton Yoga lecturer.

Dr. Chalerm Vongsiri
(President of Thai Traditional Medical Services Society /Thaimassagesociety authorized by Thai government)
(Advisor of Suai Thai Culture Center)

Dr. Chalerm is a most famous person in the Thai massage world.
He run a Thai massage vocational schoolandgaveoccupationtechnologywithmuch low tuition fee fortheindependencesupport ofmany Thaipeople wholow income earnerlongperiod and wasrecognized tohadsignificantcontributions to society,andreceivecommendation fromtheking of Thailand.
In addition, a doctorate was conferred from Golden State University inUSA.

The thing which is necessary for attendance and clothes:
We are going to sent to student a attendance guide after the formally application.

Internet service

Wireless LAN is fully equipped in the classroom. You are usable free in the daytime when you bring a
laptop computer or mobile.

At the Holiday:
We introduce to our student who is interested in a 1 day trip to the island, 1 day trip to sightseeing in

*For confirmation of your application, please visit us to apply by one day before that day.

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