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About Society of Thai Massage and Massage School

Currently, therapists must have certificate of more than 150hours completion (If there is the approval of
the massage storekeeper; more than 80 hours) in massage schools approved by the Ministry of
Education or in Thai Massage vocational school run by the Thailand medical Society (UTTS and
TTMS) approved by the Ministry of Public Health.
Thailand has four categories on its massage training institution.

The first one is Thai massage and traditional herbal medicine taught in university as national certificates.
Lecturers from Association of Traditional Thai massage medicine held lectures at many universities
such as university of Mahidon and university of Rajapat.
The course comprises of three years program and the certificates will be given to graduates.
(800 hours a year for Thai massage and further two years for herbal remedy)

The second is private massage school approved by the Ministry of Education.
Now there are approximately 400 private schools in Thailand approved by the Ministry of Education
including famous schools like Chetawan Massage School(Wat Pho).
The certificate will be given to graduates.

Thirdly, Thailand has traditional Thai massage medical association responsible for health
administration approved by the Ministry of health.
This medical association is running Thai massage schools and Thai massage vocational training
schools and give the lectures to Thai students at low rates.
They also held the lectures for massage courses in national universities and in the vocational training
schools of the Ministry of Public Health.
Many students who would become therapists in Thailand are learning at vocational training schools as
mentioned above or other approved schools.
The certificate of completion will be given by the Medical Society to graduates.

The fourth is vocational training schools of the Ministry of health.
The tuition fees are almost free for Thai students.
The lecturer in charge of spa at this school used to study at a vocational training school and he
sometimes gives lectures at this school when he is free. He is also in charge of spa training.

In addition, Thailand has a foundation of reflexology.
Our School Advisory also has the posts of advisory of the Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society
and chairperson of foundation of the development of Thailand foot reflexology.
Many therapists wish to work abroad because the salary is well paid.
It becomes possible to work abroad after approved by officers of the Ministry of Health with completion
of designated courses at vocational training schools or Thai Massage schools.

Unfortunately, the current Japanese law don’t permit therapist from foreign countries to get working visa
so many Thai therapist wish to work in European or Arabic countries actually.
Among Thai people, Thai massage schools run by medical Sociery or vocational training schools are
more popular than massage schools that overseas students are learning.
The Ministry of labor required for students to complete minimum 150 hours to be licensed.
Note that some countries require 330 hours completion.

logo of logo of ttms Thai Traditional Medical Services Society (TTMS)
TTMS is a traditional medical Society approved by Thai government (theMinistryofLabor, the Ministry of Public Health, and the Ministry of Education) andrunsvocationaltraining schools for self-independent of Thai labors with low salary.
It is also the massage Society of Phenkhae Thai Traditional Medical School.
文部省        厚生省        労働省
The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society (UTTS)
UTTS is a traditional medical association approved by Thaigovernmentandheadquartered inside the facilities of the Ministry of Health.
It provides lectures in national medical university or in vocational training school.Thisisa older society.
文部省        厚生省        労働省


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