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Thai Massage Course

We began teaching massage since 2004 and we are teaching massage to students coming from many countries in Phuket currently.
Our teachers sometimes teach massage and Thai yoga to university students at the university in Phuket too.
Our school is a institute to train a specialist of the Thai massage therapist .
The school which can learn practical Thai massage in a small number of people system. Student can attend the lesson in English.

We run our school for attendance students from all the countries of the world in a concept it.
We teach a lot of massage technique to have the stern customer of the evaluation of your country satisfy after return home.

Our school teach a TTMS-style, Symptom Reduction Massage with Royal Massage, Thai Yoga Massage also many muscle stretching and others in addition to a lot of Thai massage technique, curing a bodily disorder by massage, deep tissue massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic technique.
In the lesson by an experienced lecturer, we provide the Thai massage program that attendance is a high level.

The abundant curriculum of the lesson and instructor training that can learn from the beginner to the experienced person too

Our school bring up a person who can step in and do a good job any time and which you can learn to a careful thing and can expect early progress.
It is the school which can understand an upper Thai massage technique in regulation time.
Furthermore, we improve a technique of each person at our school, offer the training of the instructor that a student can open a Thai massage school.
We occasionally have lectures on massage at the university in Phuket

*Certificate is awarded to those who completed the course.

Level 1. Basic Course / 
Thai Traditional Medical Society Style 30h
Massage Type: Relax /

(The massage method that was conscious of the flow of the energy line in particular)
The attendance student learns the basics of Thai massage with fundamental posture and simple stretching in this course.
You become able to massage with for 90 minutes.
・The fundamental posture and fundamental pressing in Thai massage
・SEN (Energy line) for Thai massage
・Massage lie on back, on side, on stomach, sitting 
・Massage for leg, arm, waist, back, shoulder, neck, head
・Stretching muscle for beginner
Including Basic knowledge (basic energy line in the body, many hand position, Thai massage prayer, knowledge of attendance, method of Thai massage, Rule of a good Thai masseur, Contraindicated matter of massage, Thai massage word etc...)

Level 2. Intermediate Course / 
Thai Traditional Medical Society Style 30h
Massage Type: Relax Type /

Students who pass the test of the basic course is the course to take.
In the basic course you will learn the various procedures of TTMS that has not been taught.
Also it is preset the time to repeatedly practice.
・Several stretch training seems to Thai massage.
・You will be able to about 150 minutes of massage.
・Massage lie on back, on side, on stomach, sitting 
・Massage for leg, arm, waist, back, shoulder, neck, head
・Decollete(chest) massage
・Face, ear massage of lie on back
・Stretch for the Intermediate

Level 3. Advanced Course
Advanced Massage Technique  30h
Massage Type: Deep Tissue /

The attendance student learns various Thai Massage advanced technique, Thai massage theory,anatomy for massage.
You become able to massage with Advanced style for 150 minutes.
・A method to press with an elbow, arm, fist, knee, shin, sole (for a big body and anobstinate physicalperson)
・Effective approach to the neck, shoulder, waist, leg
・Stretching muscle for advenced
・Theory of Thai massage
・Knowledge of the main 10 energy line of the body
・Stomach massage
・Head massage of lie on back
・Adjust of your weak point
・Time management, Time measurement

Level 4. Royal Massage, Symptom Reduction Massage
Acupressure point Course 30h
Massage Type: Treatment /

The attendance student learns royal massage, acupuncture point of the Thaimassage,massageofmain energy line (10 SEN)
・Basis of the Royal Thai massage (Therapeutic Acupressure Treatment)
・Make a fresh herb ball and Herbal ball compressing
・Therapeutic Acupressure Treatment
・Massage of the main 10 energy line(Therapeutic Acupressure point in the SEN)
・The way of reduction for the main symptom (neck and shoulder stiffness, shoulder blade stiffness, lower and upper back pain, mensturuation pain, constipation, gas in the stomach, twist neck, dizzyness, knee and leg pain, Sprain ankle, Cramp foot and calf, flozen shoulder, head ache, hand and arm pain, elbow pain.........)

Level 5. Tok Sen, Basic Chiropractic
Massage Type:Combination, Chiropractic 30h

The attendance student learns basic chiropractic, pelvis correction, how to use herb ball, tok-sen,difficult stretch in this course.
Student learn the yoga basic course that is self-manipulative treatment.
Acquire a body of oneself and the physical manipulative sense of the partner.
The pelvic adjustment and manipulative treatment that are yoga to do in twopeoplearethecoursesthatcan study.
・How to find of the physical trouble spot and distortion of the backbone with a pelvis(Checktheproblem of the body)
・The basics of chiropractic and pelvis correction
・Tok-sen advenced technique. (method to beat energy line with a wooden hammer and a tree chisellightly)
・Acrobatic stretching for Level 5
・Usage of Thai Balm
・ Knowledge of important further 3 SEN.
・ Method of the counseling
・Combination massage training that used to all our massage technique.
・Basic anatomy for massage therapist (Watching anatomy watch DVD lesson)

6. Thai Stretch Massage (Yoga Massage) Course : 30h
Massage Type: Sporty

 About Thai Stretch Massage
Thai massage is sometimes called yoga done by two people.
Thai Stretch Massage is a massage style focused particularly on muscle stretching among Thai massages.
It is popular among yoga players and those interested in sports.
It is a program consisting of various stretching and massage techniques centering on stretching in Thailand. Recommend for yoga player too.